Armuchee Bands
"The Pride of the Indians"

Armuchee Invitational

The 9th Annual Armuchee Invitational
Saturday, September 24, 2016
  • 2016 Registration Form - COMPETITION IS FULL, please consider us next year!

Armuchee Invitational Past Results

About the Armuchee Invitational
The Armuchee Invitational is designed to give participating bands positive and constructive comments to assist in their development and improvement throughout the season. We use judges that are qualified and fair for every program large and small. We only use judges that we would want judging our band.


  • Gary Gribble - Band
  • Rob Opitz - Band
  • David Harrison - Band
  • Ken Bodiford - Band
  • Clark Hunt - Band
  • Rick Land - Drum Major
  • Clint Gillespe - Percussion
  • Rodney Bailey - Color Guard, Dance Line, and Majorettes

Performance Types

  • FESTIVAL: The festival portion of the Armuchee Invitational occurs first and will rate groups on their performance only. Color guards, percussion, drum majors, dance lines, and majorettes will each receive a rating of either Superior ( I ), Excellent ( II ), Good ( III ), or Fair ( IV ). Bands will be judged by using an Olympic-style panel of five judges. The highest and lowest ratings will be dropped and the remaining three ratings will be averaged for the final overall rating.
  • COMPETITION The competition portion of the Armuchee Invitational begins after the festival portion and will rate groups on their performance and compare their score numerically to other groups in their classification. Competition groups will receive a rating ( V - I ) and a score ( 0 - 100 ) for each auxiliary unit and one overall band rating and score using the Olympic system as described above.

Classification Requirements

  • Classification is determined by the number of wind instruments in your marching band program. Bands are aloud to enter a higher classification but may not enter a lower one. Classification breakdown is as follows:
    • OPEN 100 & larger
    • CLASS AAAA 80 - 99
    • CLASS AAA 60 - 79
    • CLASS AA 41 - 59
    • CLASS A 40 & fewer

Awards Ceremonies

  • Trophies will be awarded to auxiliary units and bands who participate in Festival, Competition, or both and earn a rating of Superior or Excellent.
  • Trophies will also be awarded to auxiliary units and bands who earn 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in their classification.
  • There will also be a sweepstakes trophy presented to the band that receives the highest overall score regardless of classification.

Armuchee Invitational Parking

  • Parking for buses, directors, chaperones riding the bus, and equipment drivers is located on the campus of Armuchee High School. Parking for all spectators, supporters, parents, alumni, etc. will be located directly across the street from Armuchee High School at Northside Church. For the convenience and safety of our audience, there will be a shuttle that will transport passengers to and from the parking lot.  
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